Belfast City Hospital

Damian Downey, MD – Site PI

Damian is a clinical senior lecturer in respiratory medicine at Queen’s University Belfast and leads the Northern Ireland Adult CF Service. He is Co-Director of the European CF Society Clinical Trials Network. Damian’s main research interest is infection and inflammation in CF, and clinical trials of new therapies. 

Peter Ball – Radiologist

Peter is a consultant cardiothoracic radiologist based in the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. He has been involved in multiple local and international research projects and has lectured on cardiothoracic imaging throughout Europe. He is a passionate advocate of close radiology and cardiology working ties and the symbolistic relationship between the two specialties. 

Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Kids

Alastair Reid, MD – Site PI

Alastair is a consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine and Clinical Director of the Northern Ireland Paediatric CF Service. He is also an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Child Health at Queens University Belfast. Alastair’s main research interest is in early lung infection and has also been involved in the clinical trials of CF modulator therapies in children.

Valerie Mills – Research Nurse

Valerie is a Cystic Fibrosis Nurse Specialist who has been working in the NI Adult Centre, Belfast since 2003. As part of her clinical role Valerie has been involved in the commencement & monitoring of CFTR Modulator therapy. Valerie has completed a postgraduate certificate in Non-Medical prescribing & has an interest in patients’ adherence to their prescribed treatment